Deep Conditioning Treatment Bar


I have made this a limited edition item, only available after mid-September because of it's low melting point. It will be shipped in a plastic container- if it is soft when it reaches you pop it in the refrigerator for about 2 hours and it should firm right back up!

This is a deep conditioning bar made with cocoa butter, Hawaiian macadamia nut oil, Hawaiian kukui nut oil (I bought both of these oils when i was in Hawaii!), argan oil, vitamin E, and lovely fragrance oil that takes you straight to the beach. It is scrumptious. Dare I say it is one of my favorite products to date?

This bar is inspired by my recent trip to Hawaii. Many of the ingredients came from there too! There are so many wonderful sights and smells there, and I wanted to capture that in something that I needed in my day-to-day life. In the winter my hair can get pretty dry, so this bar was born.

It is very easy to use- the bar melts at body temperature so just rub it between the palms of the hands and coat ends of hair with the oil- then leave in for as long as you like, preferably half hour or longer. I have left it in overnight. Like so many of my products, I like to use them in different ways. So I use this as a pomade on dry ends as well as a body oil, on my hands, and it gives a great sheen to the legs. It can also be used as a massage oil. A little goes a long way. The smell is beyond fantastic- I can not stop sniffing myself, and many others have agreed that it is addictive!

The bar is roughly one ounce. In higher temperatures it may get a bit melty, so keep that in mind when storing it. You can put it in the fridge to firm it up a bit if needed. Also, if you have a nut allergy this likely is not for you. Thanks for looking!

And a few wonderful customers had this to say about them, as well as some other products:
I now have a new obsession with the Soapily fragrance oils! This seller really knows her stuff when it comes to quality perfumes - the most beautiful smells you could ever imagine. The lotion bar was fantastic and as always, the conditioner bars are perfect. But I must say, my most coveted product is the Deep Conditioning Bar. I can't get enough of the dreamy smell and the bar consistently leaves my hair feeling silky and manageable. There are numerous ways to use it. As a leave-in conditioner, silky pomade, and an awesome lotion for your hands and body. This bar is the BEST invention ever!

These little balls are AWESOME!!!! I just ♥ them!!!! Thanks so much!!! I wish you had a 16 oz jar of this stuff!!!! I slid a little across my c-section scar ( yes, I just had a baby) and the discomfort is relieved immediately. Leaves the rest of my body feeling soft and nourished, and my hair smells and looks wonderful!!! The smell is intoxicating...THX AGAIN!!

My family has been on my butt to go blonde again for my upcoming wedding. So finally I gave into the pressure and did it. Problem is, it FRIED my hair. . YOUR CONDITIONER IS AMAZING!!!!!
My hair and I thank you.

when it's cold and snowy just close your eyes and sniff. I would not be surprised to find sand between my toes. This is a great product. Thanks

OMG. The smell is intoxicating and it conditions like a dream. I cannot sing my praises loud enough. Everyone around me has heard about this stuff. Thank you sooo much.

it smells soo good and is one of the best solid deep conditioners I have ever used! I will be getting more while this excellent product still is in stock. I have such soft yummy hair it smells great and feels really soft and fresh and feels really healthy. Fast shipping will be back without a doubt:) Absolutely love! Very moisturizing better than salon brand conditioners. Perfect for travel or home.

Please note each order is custom made by me and will take 5-7 days before mailing. If it's a rush please let me know and I'll try my best to accommodate!