Dry Shampoo Powder, one more snooze in the morning!


This is a great thing to have on hand if you are like me and like to hit the snooze button more than once, or if you are going camping, or if you have sensitive hair that you would rather not shampoo daily. Just apply a little bit throughout scalp (focusing on the roots of the hair that frames the face) and rub with fingers. You can also apply to a boar-type bristle brush and brush thoroughly. It's nice for all hair types, and I’ve found that my hair looks fuller after using. You could even carry it in your bag for an end of the day refresher. I have pictured the brown, which is also great at covering a few grey roots, and one that has no added color, best for those with light hair. If you would like red or any other color, convo me and we can set up a custom listing.

The hair powder is very concentrated and comes in a 0.5 ounce bottle with a tiny applicator nozzle (think eye drops) so you can get the powder exactly where you want it and not all over your sink.

The brown is highly pigmented, so you do have to be careful about not getting it on a light colored shirt, etc.

Here are some nice things said about the dry shampoo:

So... Emily's dry shampoo is fabulous- and i ought to know because i have tried so very many. I am the sort of person who dry shampoo doesn't work for. My hair is very fine and begins to look greasy about 18 hours after my last shampoo. But there are so many morning when not having to wash and blowdry my hair means nearly an hour of extra sleep. I turned to etsy reviews and found "one more snooze". It arrived 24 hours after my last wash, so I tried it and wow. No grease, no weird residue, no flakes of strange substances... It looked like I had just washed and styled my hair. So completely worth it!

This is ingenious. I hated the fact that dry shampoo made me look like I had gray roots. This stuff gives my hair a nice subtle color boost and enough lift to get through an extra day before shampooing.

I LOVE your hair powder..my favorite one by far!! Even better than Bumble and Bumble! This is my 3rd order:)

I love this product. I use very, very few hair products and I love this one!! It makes my hair look great when I run out of time to wash. Perfect.

I love this dry shampoo. It gives me voluminous hair and I love it. Thank You!

love as always--3rd order

Love this stuff! Thank you so much! Will be back for more!

Omg just tried it today and I love it! It works perfectly! And the color you did for me is perfect! I have tried many dry shampoos but this is the best one! So excited! Telling everyone! :-)

just received the product and am excited to try it out -- thanks for the quick, friendly correspondence, and thanks also for the sample -- it smells great!

Delightful and not disappointing! Infinitesimally-grained powder, the container filled to the brim. . .I'll most certainly purchase this product again!

the dry shampoo is a lifesaver!

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love I love!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lovely stuff! Has a great scent and is very travel friendly!

I LOVE this product!!! This is my second bottle!

Joke's on me--I tried getting a drug store dry shampoo because I ran out of yours and was in a pinch. That other stuff was the worst! Yours is the best! Thanks for being awesome!

It is amazing and love the applicatior which is why I chose it over all the other ones on Etsy. Like that you have the brunette shade as well. thank you!

The perfect solution. You must try it! Thanks Emily.

I scent it with lavender and it contains: cornstarch, arrowroot powder, sodium bicarbonate, french green clay, cocoa powder (brown ONLY), vitamin e, lavender essential oil, and iron oxide and/or mica for extra rich color (brown ONLY).

I am now making a red dry shampoo. The ingredients used for that are the above plus one or more of the following: beet root powder, acai berry powder, hibiscus flower powder, and/or alkanet root powder.

Please note each order is custom made by me and will take 5-7 days before mailing. If it's a rush please let me know and I'll try my best to accommodate!