About me

Hi friends! Welcome to my little scented corner of the internet! Just so you know, everything you order is hand made by me, and it takes a little longer to do it that way so please be patient. Orders can take up to two weeks. Please email me if you are in a rush. 

My soap is all natural and hand crafted in small batches. It is very moisturizing and creates a nice thick creamy lather and smells fantastic. My perfumes are unique and long lasting. My balms are also made with all natural ingredients. They feel just wonderful and are great for your skin. My lotions are luxurious and soak nicely into the skin and don't irritate. My shampoo and conditioner bars are economical, travel friendly, green, and fun! The solid conditioner bar in jungle jane is my best selling item.

I am developing new stuff all the time, so please check back often! And if you don't see something, please ask! 

I got started in the world of bath and body products because it has always been a slight obsession of mine. Friends tease me that my bathroom rivals Sephora or LUSH. In college I studied nutrition, biology, and chemistry, and I always knew I wanted to do something that could combine the three. I find my skin getting more sensitive as time goes by, or maybe there are more harsh chemicals being added to products. It got to the point where soap, lotion, and shampoo made me itch, and expensive products didn't feel luxurious anymore. Things just weren't living up to my standards. So I decided to try making them myself. I started slow with lip balm, body balm, and soap- and quickly fell in love. My tiny apartment in Chicago has been taken over by essential oils, butters, soap molds, measuring scales, etc. And I wouldn't have it any other way! 

A few people have asked me about my logo. 
It is very personal to me- it is my mom when she was a little girl. She is no longer here with me but she is the source of my creativity and inspiration and I feel so lucky that I had the time I did with her.

I love custom orders. You name a product and/or scent, and I will do my very best to duplicate or create it!

Also, for coupons and contests, you can follow me 
on twitter: http://twitter.com/soapily
facebook: www.facebook.com/soapilyeverafter 
or email me anytime: soapilyeverafter [!at] gmail.com

my scent lists can be found both above and more below! 

Here are some nice things people have said about my products: 

I now have a new obsession with the Soapily fragrance oils! This seller really knows her stuff when it comes to quality perfumes - the most beautiful smells you could ever imagine. The lotion bar was fantastic and as always, the conditioner bars are perfect. But I must say, my most coveted product is the Deep Conditioning Bar. I can't get enough of the dreamy smell and the bar consistently leaves my hair feeling silky and manageable. There are numerous ways to use it. As a leave-in conditioner, silky pomade, and an awesome lotion for your hands and body. This bar is the BEST invention ever!

BTW, the pat o' butter is your masterpiece. I love that you can apply it the same way you'd rub soap onto your hands.

Soapily how I ♥ thee. Love your lip balm, love your coconut bath bombs. love your soap (oh Ryan)! You are awesome!!!!!

These are the best thing since sliced bread. I was just singing their praises to one of my friends the other night. (pat o’ butter)

I love my Soapily Ever After soaps!

Lip balm tubes are awesome!

How do I get some lip balm? Need to set up a direct refill queue for this household..."

Whenever I use the RyGos soap, the cat licks my hands. I think she is a fan!

Not waxy, not sticky or too shiny, this lip balm really is the perfect winter healer. It arrived just as I came back from a week of skiing and healed my distressed skin in one day. And it came with an adorable sample of her soaps! XX thanks!

Greatest lip balm EVER. It's a fact.

I think I found my new shampoo bar. I LOVE your product! It doesn't take much of that yummy lather to give my scalp a good cleaning, and my hair feels so soft and clean, and it's actually manageable! Whenever I use store-bought shampoo I have a hard time styling my hair, but it's a breeze with your bar. Thank you so much!

Thanks! Just used this and my hair feels great! It smells great too. (solid conditioner bar)

I got my goodies the other day and I adore them! The dry shampoo is great! I love the scent and the compact size, I just threw it in my bag!

The scents are loooovely too! I have a hard time deciding which one to wear.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!