I Can't Believe It's Not Pat O'Butter


Some of you OG's may remember me from when I sold on Etsy- that was many years ago when I first started out before I had my own website. Back in the day I sold a product called Pat O’ Butter. It was a great product, but very hard to ship, because the high percentage of cocoa butter (melted easily, similar to my coconut beach hair treatment bars) so over the weekend I was in product development mode and I decided to create something that I could ship that is very similar to Pat O ’Butter but a bit creamier and contained. Right now I’m going to sell it in smaller sample sizes but in the future I’ll be selling larger sizes if this becomes popular or requested!

This would be good for hair, body, hands, elbows, knees, any of those dry spots. For hair, I would just use it more on the ends since it is a rich product. This can be scented with anything but the default right now is coconut beach which is one of my all time favorite scents!

If this melts in transit just pop it in the refrigerator for a few minutes and it will firm back up.